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Standard Industrial

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Standard Industrial Press Brakes

Standard Industrial Press brake

  • Overview


  • Full-Tonnage Throughout Stroke
  • Typical 30+ Year Lifetime, Plus a Lifetime of Parts and Service Availability
  • Solid, Non-Moveable Lower Beam.
  • +,- .001" Ram Repeatability
  • Off-Center Loading Capability
  • The Heaviest Duty Press Brake Built in the U.S.A.
  • Full-Tonnage Full-Length of Bed and Ram
  • Extremely Heavy-duty lower beams allowing the least amount of deflection. Less Deflection = Longer Tool Life = More profitability
  • All Components are readily available from local suppliers and are covered by our 5 year warranty
  • Precision mechanical in-line depth stop as back-up for any CNC control
  • Groove in bed for tooling is standard on all brakes
  • All parts will be readily available for a lifetime from anywhere in the U.S.A.
  • The in-line dept stop insures NO Down-Time due to computer failure.


From 100 tons to 750 tons.


  • Hand/Foot Safety Sequence With Footswitch - System that allows the operator to use a footswitch after the ram hits the slow speed.
  • Light Curtain Safety Barrier With Footswitch - Infrared light system that allows the use of a footswitch during all points of operation.
  • Extra 2 Hand Control Station - Extra 2 hand pedestal station for 2 man control (one pedestal is standard).
  • Extra Footswitch - For 2 man control in use with Hand/foot sequence or light curtain system.
  • Low Speed Retract - Slows the return speed of the ram considerably when handling heavy, long work pieces, recommended for large press brakes - Can be turned on/off for small work.
  • 4 Position In-Line Depth Stop - Pre-set up to 4 different ram depths with micrometer precision and select all four ram depths from 4 position selector switch mounted on pedestal.
  • Auto Return Of Ram - Ram automatically returns to top of stroke after completion of stroke.
  • Adjustable Pressure Sensitive Ram Reversal - Protect dies and work-pieces by setting a maximum pressure and once the pressure is achieved, the ram reverses.
  • Programmable Ram Control - Set the Up limit, Speed change, the Lower limit and many other features with a PLC (Y axis) control.