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Parmigiani Section Bending Machines

Roundo Section Bending
  • R1-R21S Models
  • AL Models
  • B Models

Roundo Section bending machines

ROUNDO offers the largest selection of section bending machines on the market. We produce over 20 different standard sizes, from the R-1, our smallest machine, to the R-21-S, the strongest section bending machine in the world! Our machines are always more powerful and more heavily proportioned in terms of frame, shaft size, bearings and drive torque than machines from other suppliers. CNC controls and a wide array of options are available for all models.

All Roundo section bending machines offer:

  • Three-roll drive to minimize the risk of slipping.
  • Hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed control except for the smallest machines.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the lower roll.
  • Standard rolls for flat bars, angle bars, T-bars and square bars.

Two broad ranges
R-1 to R-6 are basic machines for all types of section bending. The guide rolls are manually adjusted and fixed to the swing arms.

The range of "S"-models, R-2-S to R-21-S, offers enhanced versatility due to the unique design of the hydraulic guide rolls. 

Roundo Aluminium bending machines Type AL

  • Vertical bending shafts.
  • All welded steel frame, stress relieved and accurately machined.
  • Hydraulic infinitely drive on all three bending rolls via low speed hydraulic motors.
  • Automatic speed compensation between top and lower rolls without power loss.
  • Fully hydraulic adjustment of the guide rolls in all directions.
  • Lower rolls hydraulically adjusted side-ways -> variable bending distance.
  • SKF roller bearings in all journals.
  • Joystick control in moveable control box on wheels.
  • Digital length measuring via external measuring wheel on pneumatic cylinder.
  • Digital scale showing the top roll position.
  • Hydraulic pulling roll unit incorporated with the top roll.

Beam Bender type B, bending beams the hard way

  • Designed for bending I, U and H beams the hard way.
  • Three standard sizes B-5000-S, B-12000-S and B-15000-S.
  • Capacity: section modulus 5000 – 15000 cm3 (300 - 900 in.3) depending on size.