Roundo 3-Roll Plate Bending

PS 360

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The ROUNDO 3-roll plate bending rolls provide the outstanding performance, reliability, and quality needed for high precision and high output rates. ROUNDO 3-roll machines are built to the highest precision and rigidity possible! The frame of every ROUNDO plate roll is stress relieved after welding, then machined on precision CNC machining centers to insure the highest possible accuracy. 

ROUNDO 3-roll Plate Rolls have the highest drive torque, greatest bending roll force, largest rolls and roller bearings, and heaviest frame components of any competitive machine! ROUNDO machines are fully hydraulic with outstanding pre-bending capacities (with flat ends as short as one times the plate thickness).  Machines feature infinitely variable rolling speed and roll adjustment speeds as well as cone rolling capabilities.

While the initial investment may be higher, the greater efficiency, productivity and lower maintenance requirements quickly give the ROUNDO plate roll the lowest cost of ownership of any competitive machine.

Thickness 10ga to 4"
Length from 2' to 30'

All ROUNDO 3-roll machines offer:

  • Hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed control on all rolls.
  • Hydraulic infinitely variable adjustment of the two lower rolls.
  • Ensured parallelism of rolls even with maximum load
  • Spherical roller bearings of highest quality for longer service life.
  • Hydraulically operated drop end.

PS Series Overview

PS 205

The standard range of 3-roll plate bending machines covers plate thicknesses from 3 mm (1/8”) to 100 mm (4”) and widths from 1 000 mm to 8 000 mm (3’ to26’).

All machines have unique features needed for high precision and versility:

  • Prebending of both the leading and trailing edge. In many
    cases, the remaining flat end is as short as one time the
    plate thickness.
  • Fully hydraulic, infinitely variable speed drive and adjustment of the rolls.
  • Highest drive torque of any competitive machine.
  • Frames made of high-strength steel, fully welded and
    stress relieved before machining to have sufficient
    strength to absorb bending forces and to achieve highest
    possible accuracy.
  • All purpose machine with wide working range.
  • Excellent for cone bending.

PSS Series Overview

PSS 960

3-roll Heavy duty plate bending machine with roll diameter 340-960 mm (13-3/8" - 38")

  • Double pinch/pyramid design, provide the full capacity to prebend both leading and trailing edges of the plate.
  • Since both lower rolls are adjustable individually, prebending of both edges is done without removing, turning or reinserting the plate.
  • With the rolls in the pyramid setting for larger diameters, the bending capacity will increase dramatically.
  • Hydraulic infinitely variable drive on all three rolls via separate hydraulic motor for each roll.
  • Automatic speed compensation between the top roll and the lower rolls. This means that all three rolls always drive the plate with max. needed torque without any losses of power.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the two lower rolls.
  • Electronic parallel control of the two lower rolls as well as tilting control for easy controlling.
  • Electronic speed adjustment directly in the control-panel via joysticks.
  • Hydraulic erection of the top roll for easy removal of the bent plate.
  • Hydraulic operation of the end yoke.
  • SKF spherical roller bearings in all journals.
  • Digital readouts showing the position of the lower rolls, both ends.

PSE Series Overview

PSE 150

3-roll plate bending machines with roll diameter 110-185 mm (4-3/8" - 7-1/4")

  • Hydraulic infinitely variable drive on all three rolls via low speed hydraulic motor.
  • Slip clutch for the top roll, compensating for the difference in surface speed between the inner and outer circumference of the plate.
  • Hydraulic infinitely variable adjustment of the two lower rolls.
  • Parallel adjustment of the lower rolls via hand levers (PSE 150 and PSE 185)
  • Alignment grooves in the two lower rolls (not valid for hardened rolls).
  • SKF spherical roller bearings in all journals.
  • Hydraulic operation of the drop end.
  • Permanent balanced top roll when operating the drop end.
  • Control panel fixed mounted on the motor frame.
  • Complete electric equipment incl. two emergency stops. One on each end of the machine.