Peddinghaus Plate Processing

Peddinghaus Plate Processing System
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FPDB 2500 & 1800 Plate Processing Systems

The Peddinghaus FPDB Plate Processing Systems employ a powerful CNC nesting software with the technologies of high speed drilling of round holes; hydraulic punching for shaped holes, such as slots or obrounds; contour thermal cutting via high definition plasma or oxy-fuel; and carbide part marking; in one compact machine.

Engineered for the toughest shop environment, “The Powerhaus” series is a rugged workhorse combining 100 tons (90 metric tons) of punching power, multi-spindle carbide drilling for accurate hole production. Contoured parts are thermally cut via plasma or oxy/fuel, and a scribe type marking system provides legible part identification

  • 75 mm / 3” Max Thickness
  • 2500 mm / 96” Max Width
  • Stock lengths up to 6M / 20 ft
    (Can be run by one operator in a true One Pass Continuous Process)

Continuous Material Flow

Continuous material flow truly equals True Efficiency saving costly material handling. Engineered into this machine's rugged design Peddinghaus has optimized every operation. Run different material sizes & thicknesses back to back through this machine without ever stopping your production.

38 HP High Speed Carbide Spindle

The Peddinghaus Powerhaus Plate lines come standard with a 38 horse power motor. This high speed carbide capable drill allows the Peddinghaus Plate machines to surpass your every expectation.

True 1 Pass Processing

The Peddinghaus plate machine comes standard with this unique machine design which saves you the hidden labor, inventory, and material handling costs.

While other machine manufacturers taught they have a 1 pass design, we can prove it. On the Peddinghaus Plate lines your cutting, measuring, part marking, part drilling, and part punching are done in one continuous flow.

Power of Plasma

This Peddinghaus Plate Machine comes power packed with a powerful Plasma unit delivering high speed, accurate contoured cuts.

Equipped with a high speed Hypertherm HT2000 or HPR 260 Plasma Unit the Peddinghaus Plate Lines offer exceptional speed and accuracy.

Integrated Carbide Marking

The integrated Signoscript carbide marking system provides legible part identification. Automated in the DSTV and DXF import process mark your parts quickly and easily. This automated marking process eliminates those handwritten headaches.

Higher Arc Times

Continue producing parts while other machines have to shut down production to finish the cutting and scrap removal process.

Efficient Compact Design

  • 3 Punched hole capacity
  • 3 High Speed drilled hole capacity
  • Tapping
  • Countersinking
  • High Definition Plasma
  • Oxy Fuel Thermal Cutting
  • Carbide Scribe part marking

Oxy Acetylene Fuel Cutting Torch

The automated Oxy Acetylene fuel cutting torch delivers unparalleled speed and proven CNC accuracy thick heavy plate.

Extreme Punching Power

The proven 100 ton triple tool assembly accelerates parts production....adding to your bottom line.

Capable of punching round, square or slotted holes, this inline Punch saves countless material handling steps by punchiing your material at the same time it is cut and marked

  FPDB 1800 FPDB2500
Plate Thickness Min 1/4" 1/4"
Plate Thickness Max 3" 3"
Plate Width Minimum 6" 6"
Plate Width Maximum 72" 96"
Stock Length Maximum 20’ 20’
Maximum Diameter 2" 2"
Spindle HP 38 HP 38 HP
Spindle Speed 121-1800 RPM 121-1800 RPM
Feed Rate 1-20 inches/min 1-20 IPM
Rapid Advance 240 IPM 240 IPM