Peddinghaus ABCM 1250 Coper

Peddinghaus ABCM 1250 Coper
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Fabricators throughout the world are selecting the Peddinghaus CNC Structural Burning System to increase their plant efficiency. In the competitive world of structural steel fabrication, reduction of man-hours per ton is the ultimate challenge. 

  • Patented Probing Systemautomatically senses mill tolerance deviations and compensates without special programming considerations. 

  • Each flange torch assembly floats automatically during the burning cycle to maintain a fixed dimension from the torch tip to the surface being cut.

  • Probing flange center line: necessary for automated flange thinning

  • Process multiple beams from one stock length by simultaneous coping/cutting of trailing end/lead end.

  • Effective multiple processing extends your inventory by generating less scrap and enhances just-in-time operation.

Maximum Beam Size 50"
Minimum With Simultaneous Copes 3"
Minimum With Single Copes 3"
Blocks Maximum Length Unlimited
Maximum Length Unlimited
Minimum Width Web Thickness
Number of Torches 3
Weld Prep Top Flange Yes
Weld Prep Bottom Flange Yes
Probing Yes
Automatic Web Torches Adjustment Yes
Number of CNC Controlled Axis 4