Geka Paxy

Geka Ironworker Paxy

  PAXY 1000 PAXY 1500 PAXY 2000 PAXY X PLUS
Max. Length X axis 40" 60"  80" 11 " - 590"
Max. Length Y axis 20" 30" 30" 20" - 30"
Max. Displacement speed X axis  0"-945" per min  0"-945" per min 0" - 945" per min 0" - 94 " per min
Max. Displacement speed Y axis 0 " - 945 " per min 0" - 945" per min 0" -945" per min 0" - 47" per min
Positioning accuracy  +/- 0,0024"/ft +/- 0,0024"/ft +/- 0,0024"/ft +/- 0,0024"/ft
Repeatability  + / - 0.003"  + / - 0.003"  + / - 0.003" + / - 0.003"
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CNC GEKA solutions for automatic punching of plates, PAXY range, are designed for solving the needs of punching thick plates. The tedious and time consuming operations previous to punching of plates like centre marking and manual positioning are solved automatically by the PAXY range. These solutions will help you increase productivity, reduce costs and increase accuracy.

PAXY range has a wide versatility and can be equipped with several options to customize the machine to each customer's needs. PAXY 1000/1500/2000 is a fully automatic solution to punch plates from 4 to 40 mm and up to 2000x750 mm size. Thanks to its automatic movement with material clamping, punching of any plate is fast and easily completed.

On the other hand, PAXY X plus range is designed to punch automatically long plates. This concept allows punching of material up to 18.000 mm length and 40 mm thickness. Material is firmly hold with clamps  ensuring the movement on the X axis, whereas the punching machine is mounted on a carriage for the movement on the Y axis. Material is hold by two, three or four clamps, depending on the plate length.

  • Vertical drilling unit
    Maximum diameter 31,5 mm Maximum thickness 25 mm Drilling unit maximum power 20m/min MK 3 tool holder

  • Triple punching head
    With three punches selectable by control Maximum diameter 31 or 40 mm on the central punch (depending of the punching machine)

  • Geka Pro PC
    Industrial PC running Windows XP 15" colour touch screen Industrial keyboard IP 68 Compatible with most of the drawing applications Remote assistance through Internet