Parmigiani 4-Roll Plate Bending Rolls

Parmigiani 4-Roll plate bending
  • VBH Series

4-roll plate bending rolls VBH Hydrotronic

4-Roll Double Pinch Plate Bending Rolls type VBH. Fully Hydraulic. Rolls length up to 8.000mm, plate thickness up to 280 mm.

Rolls driven via separate hydraulic motor for each roll, with automatic speed compensation between top and lower rolls. (Best plate feeding; High efficiency; Low energy requirement).

PPS system for rolls parallelism control (closed ring type). The PPS assure the max. precision in rolls positioning also after several years of intensive work.

Rolls rectilinear slideways coated with antifriction material. (No maintenance; High loading and carrying capacity; Smooth and stable positioning).

All rolls journalled in spherical roller bearings (Long life lubricated). A complete range of material feeding and handling equipment is available. CNC on request.

Planet Series main technical features:

  • Machine uprights with heavy-duty RECTILINEAR GUIDE for lower roll and side rolls traslation
  • Bending Rolls support with antifriction material in sliding area
  • N° 2 driving rolls (central rolls) by n° 2 hydraulic motors + 2 planetary speed reduction gears
  • HMB Heavy Multi Bearings System for rolls support and rotation (4 heavy-duty bearings for roll; 2 at each side)
  • Bending rolls synchronisation and balancing control fully electronically controlled by a SIEMENS industrial unit
  • Stepless variable tilting (from control panel) of the two side rolls and lower roll on both way, positive or negative
  • Instantaneous Brake for rolls rotation: High safety and optimum pre-bending
  • Variabile pinching pressure of the central lower roll
  • Central Lower roll and Side rolls tilting from operator control panel
  • Hydraulic opening of the turn-bearing for shell unloading
  • Safety against the opening of the turn-bearing when lower roll is under pressure
  • Large rolls diameter for minumum deflection
  • Multi-system safety device for instantaneous stopping of all movements
  • Mobile (on whells) push-button operator control panel, with low voltage controls

Optional equipment available on VBH Hydrotronic:

  • Cone bending device
  • Vertical plate supporting device (top bridge)
  • Lateral plate supporting device
  • Rolls induction hardening and heat treatment
  • Rolls grinded or polished after induction hardening treatment
  • Addittional driving of one side roll (3rd driven roll)
  • Shell eiector
  • Infeed conveyor with plate centering device
  • CNC control
  • Special device on customer demand