Ocean Liberator

Ocean Liberator
  • Overview

The Ocean Liberator is an amazingly economical 5-axis CNC robotic oxy-fuel cutting beam coper that will enable you to make any type of cut on beams, channels, angels, plates, and rectangular tubes.

Literally anything that you can draw, can be cut by this superbly versatile profile cutting machine. Not only does it cope, but it cuts to length too!

This single torch CNC beam coper removes the need for manually laying out your copes, and ensures that copes are done neatly and accurately, direct from your CNC detail drawings.

The Ocean Liberator is made with pride in the USA by Peddinghaus exclusively for Ocean Machinery.

The Liberator can be programmed directly at the machine using its own intuitive graphical programming software, or it can be programmed directly from you steel detailers CAD details.



The Ocean Liberator features a rigid heavy duty frame welded frame that easily mates to a variety of automatic or manual in-feed and out-feed conveyors (typical configuration uses 45ft of in-feed and 45ft of out-feed conveyor).

This solid frame provides the rigid platform from which the fully articulated 5-axis torch is driven, ensuring accurate and repeatable copes and cuts in a variety of profiles.

The torch uses a 5-axis fully articulated cutting torch, which allows it to cut from any angle on any surface, easily allowing bevel cuts in both the web and the flanges, something that more expensive multi-head machines are unable to do.

The beam coper is equipped with a heavy-duty automatic igniter for simple automatic ignition.

A handheld remote pendant allows fine-tuning of the cutting gap and travel speed, and provides the operator freedom of movement during cutting.


This supremely versatile machine allows coping and cutting of

  • Beams
  • Channel
  • Angle
  • Plate
  • Tube

The Liberator cuts steel fast, cutting at speeds of up to 30 inches per minute depending on material thickness and hardness, type of gas, flame adjustments, and other factors, and has a fast positioning speed of up to 400 inches per minute.


The simple-to-program Peddimat software is pre-installed on the Ocean Liberator, and can be installed on the client desktops and laptops at no extra charge per seat. Peddimat is simple to learn and typical blue collar operators learn to program standard copes within the first hour of training.

The Peddimat software is found on all of Ocean Machinery's CNC products, and is the same software found on all of Peddinghaus large CNC structural fabricating machines.  

Moreover, if you are detailing in one of the several 3-D framework CAD detailing programs on the market such as SDS/2, X-Steel, Tekla Structures, StruCAD, ProSteel 3D and others, then the operator has to merely import the part program and push the cycle start button. The software is seamlessly compatible with most DSTV (*.NC1) format  for easy downloading direct to the machine.



  • The heart of the Ocean Avenger is the exceptionally rugged Siemens 840D CNC controller especially designed for harsh industrial conditions

  • The Siemens 840D is the respected throughout the world as the pinnacle of CNC controllers and is normally found on machines costing significantly more than the Ocean Avenger

  • The entire system, itself is designed and built by Siemens and all the components are off the shelf Siemens parts, readily available anywhere in the world with overnight delivery.

  • This makes the Ocean Avenger significantly faster and easier to service compared to the European machines where the components are from a wide variety of suppliers and are not available in the USA.


  • The Ocean Avenger includes an integrated Air Conditioning Unit for the computer cabinet as standard equipment. 

  • This ensures optimum operating temperature for the CNC control, irrespective of how hot or cold your ambient temperature might get.

  • Competitive machines have been severely compromised by harsh ambient operating conditions


  • The exceptionally rugged Siemens CNC controller is world renowned as the Cadillac of controllers and is used throughout the world.

  • Siemens has factory trained service techs in all major territories who are intimately familiar with this controller and this will ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.

  • The interface with the Siemens controller is through the industry standard Peddimat Software, and is simple to program and operate.

  • The beam line can be programmed manually at the cabinet, or can be operated directly from imported CAD detailed profiles.

  • Operators without prior computer experience have been taught in only hours how to successfully operate this simple machine.


  • The Ocean Avenger Beam Drill Line can be programmed manually at the machine cabinet or can be operated by downloading already detailed parts from your steel detailers CAD detailing program.

  • The optional Peddinghaus Peddimat software has been the industry standard in the USA for over 20 years and the major steel detailing software companies have all integrated their detailing software with Peddimat.

  • Integration with your steel detailer's detailing software is seamless and downloading already detailed parts to your Ocean Avenger Beam Line is simple and fast

  • This is a simple operation using readily available and inexpensive floppy disks that are inserted in a slot above the machine keyboard.


  • The Ocean Avenger Beam Line by Peddinghaus utilizes the best of both worlds.

  • It uses the automatic CNC to set the drill RPM and feed rate at the optimum conditions, but it also has simple graduated manual control buttons to override both drill rotation and feed on the fly

  • This might be necessary when hitting unexpected hard inclusions or when drilling with a dull drill bit

  • This versatility is unmatched on competitive machines



  • The Ocean Avenger Beam Line is a much more durable machine – it is made of significantly stronger steel sections 

  • It utilizes the very latest in machine tool technology – not outdated roller system 

  • Designed for heavier US profiles – not the typical light European profiles

  • Capable of processing the entire catalog of AISC profiles, something the European machines are absolutely unable to do.

  • The Ocean Avenger Beam Line offers two coolant options - a through-the-tool coolant system and a spray mist coolant system

  • The Ocean Avenger drills significantly faster.

  • Our beam line drills thicker profiles - it will drill the thickest jumbo column, the heaviest beams and the thickest base plates you can find. 

  • Our beam line will exhibit longer tool life as the center of the drill bit is always kept cool

  • Our beam line is capable of processing harder steel profiles due to the through-the-tool-coolant-system

  • Our beam line is capable of handling pre-coped parts – this is not possible with competitors beam line

  • The Ocean Avenger beam line travels faster between holes 

  • It utilizes a more accurate measuring system 

  • The Ocean Avenger utilizes an exceptionally accurate and durable optical zero reference system – this is infinitely superior to the vulnerable and often damaged mechanical probes used by other manufacturers

  • The Ocean Avenger beam line has a web sensor with a built in air blaster – this ensures that the sensor always detects the REAL web center line – The competitor beam lines are prone to erroneous readings due to steel chips on the beam 

  • The Ocean Avenger web sensor can be used on all AISC profiles - the European machines cannot accommodate beams with flanges over 12" or flanges thicker than 1" - this precludes their machine from processing over 100 AISC profiles.


  • Ocean Machinery has sold more of these type of Beam lines than anyone in the USA

  • The Ocean Avenger Beam Line is made in South Carolina, USA by Peddinghaus

  • Peddinghaus is the most well known and respected brand in structural steel machinery, over 100 years old


  • The Peddimat beam line software is the most well known machine software in the USA

  • The Ocean Avenger Beam Line seamlessly integrates with all major steel detailing programs


  • The Ocean Avenger Beam Line is made in the USA – not in Europe

  • The beam line uses off-the-shelf parts freely available in the USA – You won’t have to wait for parts from Europe

  • Parts and technical support for the Ocean Avenger Beam Line are available from 7am to 7pm each day – support from Europe is only available from 7am to 11.30 am. After they shut down for the day, your support vanishes

  • Parts orders placed by 6.30 pm will be at your plant by 10am the next day – parts ordered from Europe will typically arrive in 5 – 10 days