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Durma VS Series CNC Variable Rake Shears

Durma VS Series Shear

  • Overview

VS Series CNC Variable Rake Shears

VS Series CNC Shears provide versatility along with the technology and construction for shearing thin, narrow strips or the precision processing of larger plates. The Upper beam which carries the upper blade is guided by adjustable preloaded and hardened guide ways, a system normally sound in much more expensive machines.

  • DNC 60 Three Axis CNC Control
    • Multi-step programming w/Program Recall
    • Auto Setting of Rake Angle & Blade Clearance
    • (based on material type & thickness) Material Type Library
  • Front sheet supports with t-slot and disappearing front gauge stops
  • Electro-Hydraulic Setting of Blade Clearance
  • 472 IPM High Speed Back Gauge Positioning
  • Electro-Hydraulic Setting of Rake Angle
  • Programmable stroke length control
  • Tabletop ball transfers
  • 60” squaring arm
  • 13.7” gap

Additional VS Series Information

10 - 30’ Lengths
1/4” - 3/4” Thickness

Several Optional Features

  • Rear Pneumatic Thin Sheet Support System
  • Conveyor/Stacker Systems