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Durma SBT Series Hydraulic Shears

Durma SBT Series Shear
  • Overview

SBT Series Hydraulic Shears

The SB (Swingbeam) Series Shears by design and construction provide for reliable, fast, and accurate shearing.

The "swing style" upper beam is a rigid box frame construction. This allows the rake angle of the upper blade to be a very low angle, which is key to reducing distortion in the sheared piece.

Standard Equipment

  • Touch Screen Control
  • Programmable Back Gauge Positions
  • Program Storage
  • Programmable Stroke Length
  • 39” High Speed Back Gauge
  • Swing Away or Up Back Gauge Bar
  • 60” Squaring Arm
  • T-Slotted Support Arms with Disappearing Stops (2/10’ - 3/13’)
  • Tabletop Ball Transfers
  • Quickset Blade Clearance Setting

Optional Features

  • High Speed Package
  • Rear Pneumatic Sheet Supports
  • Conveying & Stacking Systems
  • Protractor
  • Longer Support & Squaring Arms

10 & 13’ Lengths
1/4” to 3/4”